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Anger Management Course

Course Description

This course helps participants identify, understand and ultimately manage the behavior patterns which cause anger and rage. This course will teach you how to manage your anger safely in a variety of settings such as the home, at work or when driving. Anger Management is a course which teaches participants to manage anger by remaining calm under pressure, be assertive rather than aggressive and respond rather than react to overwhelming emotions.

Target Audience: Adults

Course Outcomes:

  • Assertiveness skills to combat anger in others and achieve objectives
  • Management of anger for more positive outcomes
  • New ways to remain calm in times of high pressure or stress
  • Relaxation techniques to regulate the physical symptoms of anger
  • Using Mindfulness practices to de-stress
  • Duration of Course:

    6 hours

    Course Fee and Dates:

    Please see LifeWorks Facebook Events page for our fee structure and dates for this course

    Trainer: Susie Carr


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