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Be Consistent©

consistent parenting

Here is an example of a 5 week workshop for:

Be Consistent©

This is a series of workshops for parents who want to understand about their parenting style and become more consistent in their parenting.

During this parenting workshop we will discover:

Week 1

What is a parenting style?
How does a parenting styles relate to your kind of parenting? Learn about what consistent parenting is and what it is not!

Week 2

Host a group in your home

Why not get together a group of parents
in your home for a discussion evening
and ask Helen to address
the parenting topics of your choice.

This has proven to be a very popular evening.

To book your evening now!

Who is in charge at your house - The parents or the children?
Learn about how to take charge of your parenting and how to make effective decisions around dealing with bedtimes and mealtimes smoothly and effectively.

Week 3

At the basis of a consistent parenting style is clarity, firmness and being consistent.
Learn how mastering these ideas, referred to as the CFC of parenting, will create positive and effective changes within your family.

Week 4

Raising our Emotional Intelligence
Discover the difference between response and reaction! Learn about helping your children to release and experience their feelings rather then deny them.

Week 5
consistent parenting education

The three R's parents want for their children
Discover how to raise children who are responsible,respectful and resilient.

Each workshop provides plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

For more information see my Consistent Parenting Website:

Consistent parenting

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