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The issues arising for couples are as varied as the couples themselves! Couples are made of many differing ingredients; age, sex, expectations, length of time together, commitment or lack of, culture, race, religion, children, needs, wants, beliefs, conditioning…………

couple counselling

Most of us enter into relationships somewhat unconsciously, with little idea of what we are really getting ourselves into. Over time, we begin to see our partners for who they really are, and we also begin to wake up to ourselves on a more conscious level. Relationships grow and change - this is their very nature. Our individual personalities play a role in whether we seek help, turn a blind eye, or just practice avoidance.

There are multitudes of reasons why couples come for help. Many come initially because of frequent arguments and fights, or because communication has become poor or nonexistent.

For others, the shocking discovery of infidelity is what leads them to seek help, or maybe financial problems, lack of intimacy, long working hours, distance, illness, accidents or the stress of a young family. Many couples also come for guidance prior to marriage as a way of enhancing their relationship.

Every day we receive many emails and phone calls from couples seeking help because of struggles in their relationships.

Answers to commonly asked questions for couples seeking answers

We provide sessions for communication styles, codependency, self empowerment, self worth, stress and anxiety, Mindfulness, emotional connection and many other useful ways of seeking fulfilling connections. All are suitable for couples.

A couple is the term used to describe two people together. This can be a married couple, siblings, parent and child, workmates, friends, a relationship before marriage, same or opposite sex couples.

We need help but what happens if my partner won't come?

Make an initial appointment for individual assessment to get the help you need. Often this can create a change which encourages the partner to turn for help also.

How many sessions will we need?

After the initial session, the frequency depends on each individual situation. Sometimes couples continue coming together seeking help, sometimes we set both individual and small group sessions. Some couples like to have a regular "relationship tune up" and others like to make a conscious commitment to their relationship with couples sessions at 6 monthly intervals.

Please contact us and ask for an appointment to determine what will best suit your needs.

Couples, Communication and Codependency Workshop


Are you willing to explore the reality of yourself within your relationship and alongside other couples?

Do you believe that learning new skills in communication and gaining fresh understanding about codependency will help you to develop and grow your own relationship?

Come as a couple and experience the power and potential of group enrichment to bring awareness and growth to your conscious relationship.

This workshop runs for 4 consecutive weeks on a Friday morning from 9 am to 11 am. Read more about it here:

Contact us here to sign up or ask any questions about this workshop.

Or email directly to :

We promise to reply quickly

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