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Hi, I'm Esther and I'm a Personal Development Trainer at LifeWorks. I have lived in multicultural environments for much of my life, and I thoroughly enjoy Dubai's wonderful cultural mix. I was born in India and am Australian by nationality. I have travelled widely in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific, and have lived in the UAE since 2013.

I spent many years working in the area of international education and have a smattering of several languages - but unfortunately I can only communicate properly in English! My background has given me experience in both eastern and western cultural, spiritual and psychological perspectives, which strongly influence the approach I take to my current work.

I am most at home in the area where psychology, spirituality and creative expression overlap. In the past I have worked with Education, Counseling and Art Psychotherapy in a variety of settings, including schools, aged care facilities, women's centres and community organisations. I have taught Art, English and Psychology in both schools and universities.

Having learned meditation in my late teens and felt its benefits, I trained as a teacher of Meditation and Mindfulness and incorporated this into my art and personal development work. I have a deep interest in the work of Carl Jung, and my approach often includes an exploration of images, dreams and symbols. I enjoy guiding my clients in understanding their personality styles, particularly through the MBTI, and in developing Emotional Intelligence.

As an educator I have worked for a large part of my professional life in the areas of special needs and migrant education. I have supported many families with the problems of relocation and settling into new environments.

As an Art Psychotherapist, I have worked extensively with children and teens in schools, with issues such as school phobia, bullying, self-harm and lack of confidence, and I have assisted many through recovery from abuse, trauma and illness. I have found that for this age group working creatively with paint or clay is often so much more effective than trying to express uncomfortable feelings in words.

On a personal note, my life path led me to marry and divorce in my 20s, and then spend many years alone. In this time I engaged intensely in travel, art, tertiary study, career-building - and in spirituality. Relatively late in life I married a childhood friend, now an academic philosopher, with whom I have had the wonderful experience of developing a conscious relationship and ever-deepening friendship. I even got to be a step-mum. Weekends are filled with art, philosophy, walks through date-palm oases or on the beach, and of course interesting conversations over dinner!

I work with a client-centred approach, meaning that I believe the client has their own inner knowing about what is right for them, and often just needs gentle but firm support from someone who believes in their capacity to change. My approach involves clarifying values and restoring trust and honesty with self and others. I love being able to help people achieve a sense of aliveness, excitement and inner freedom, which so often disappear when our deeper feelings are unacknowledged.

People come to see me at LifeWorks with a large variety of issues and needs: stress, anxiety and panic, relationship issues, loneliness, self-esteem problems, grief and loss, depression, loss of meaning, spiritual direction, and much more.

When you come to see me I will listen to you and tailor your sessions here along the lines of particular themes of Personal Development in your choice of individual, small group or large group sessions: Emotional Self Empowerment, Self Worth, Mindfulness Practice, Overcoming Self Doubt and Negative Thinking, Be Authentic, Compassionate Communication, Managing Stress, Conflict Resolution or Finding Your True Skills.

I frequently include Mindfulness and Meditation training in clients' individual sessions, as I see these as invaluable tools in any area of Personal Development. I teach Mindfulness and Meditation to groups at LifeWorks as well as in the community. I co-facilitate regular group workshops in Emotional Self Empowerment, I am developing new group programmes this year in Journaling Tools and Techniques, and in Accessing Your Inner Wisdom. Stay tunedÂ…

I believe that life's challenges come up when we are ready to move to a new level of understanding ourselves. When someone has seen the need to make changes, I support them closely in their commitment to follow through.

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