Grief LifeWorks Dubai

Grief LifeWorks Dubai

Personal Development Training encourages people to embark on a lifelong journey of purpose, meaning and encouragement towards personal growth. There are many reasons, problems, insights, despairs, pains and fears that bring people to LifeWorks to begin this exploration.

When people begin their personal development journey, very often one of the places they start from is a profound experience of loss and grief.

Our team of trainers and personal development consultants can work with you during your assessment session to help find the right courses and workshops you can pursue to help support and empower you with your personal development journey.

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Our LifeWorks Staff will continue to add articles of encouragement and support to these pages about grief, grieving and loss. We recognise that grief and loss are very much a part of many lives here in Dubai. Grief is one of the hallmarks of expat lifestyles as we learn to let go of our home country and establish our lives away from our known support systems.

Helen Williams
LifeWorks Personal Development

How to Help a Grieving Friend: 11 Things to Do When You're Not Sure What to Do   by Megan Devine, licensed clinical counsellor

Here is the first in a series of articles LifeWorks Consultants will present about grief, grieving, loss and bereavement. I have chosen this article (copied from Huffington Post) as it is a superb piece of writing about really being with someone in their grieving.

IVF - Grief, Grieving, Loss  By Helen Williams, LifeWorks Dubai

Here is a collection of articles, references, writing and support about the loss and pain associated with infertility.
The demographic for Dubai shows a large number of people at the stage of life when starting a family is the next step. There is an abundance of fertility specialists and clinics in Dubai, and so it stands to reason that there are many living here for whom IVF loss and heartbreak has become a way of life.

Infertility, Stress, and Grieving in Dubai by Mona Moussa, PhD, LifeWorks Dubai

Couples struggling with the challenges of infertility may also face unintentional additional pain by their surrounding environment. While the physical effects of infertility are thoroughly dealt with in medical settings, the emotional effects can sometimes go unnoticed.

On Grief, Loss, Death and Awakening from Dreams – by Jeff Foster

Grief's Hidden Secrets by Jeff Foster

Jeff was voted No.59 in Watkins Mind Body Spirit’s 2014 list of the world’s 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. He has published four books in over six languages. His latest book is The Deepest Acceptance

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