Helen Williams Dubai

Helen Williams Dubai

Helen Williams -
Emirates Woman of the Year 2014

Helen is a New Zealander with around 40 years' experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Helen specialises in personal and self-development, spiritual direction, individual, couples and marriage counselling, workshops, public speaking and teaching and training people from all walks of life. Helen was awarded Emirates Woman, Woman of the Year for her visionary work in the field of personal development in 2014.
Helen says, "Throughout my adult life I have participated in and taught many groups involved in the personal search for authenticity, meaning, purpose and connection. Mindfulness as a way of living and my meditation practice are core teachings for me and enable me to be grounded and connected in my daily life."
Helen's Bio

Isabel Galiardo

Isabel Galiardo

Isabel Galiardo- I am from Madrid, Spain and love living here in Dubai with my family. I am a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and I can speak some French as well. I consider myself a curious person with two main interests: love and meaning.

I'm fascinated by the power of love, and believe our main goal as human beings is to expand our capacity to love, to learn how to love others and ourselves which implies acceptance, openness and an open heart. Meditation has always been part of my life and I have been in several retreats studying spirituality and several religious practices and their philosophical explanation to the meaning of life. I've been practicing yoga and Qigong (Chi Kung) for over a decade.

I have spent the past 12 years working as a counsellor with individuals, couples and group workshops as well. I earned a Masters Degree in Counselling from Universidad Ramon Llull Barcelona and since then I have explored different avenues for personal development including the expressive arts. Part of my expertise and my focus as a counsellor has been working with couples.    Isabel's Bio

Kristine Enger

Krstine Enger MIndful ME Dubai

Kristine Enger- I am from Oslo, Norway, and have lived in Dubai for 25 years as an expat, rasing three daughters here.

I am trained as a 3P Practitioner, where I have studied how our human experience is governed by the three principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought. I find this is a neutral approach to understanding our human experience. I have also trained in Transpersonal Counseling and really enjoy meeting with clients both in workshops and one to one.

Conversations and deep listening in a safe, calm environment from this mindset promote clarity of mind, access to deeper inner wisdom, more natural confidence and an attitude of hopefulness whilst at the same time staying engaged with the world in a grounded way.    Kristine's Bio

Cindy Stocken

Cindy Stocken Mindfulness

Cindy Stocken -
Mindfulness Workplace Consultant and Coach

Hi there! I am a Mindfulness Workplace Consultant originally from South Africa, and have also worked in both Australia and Dubai. I studied Anthropology and Communication at Rhodes University in South Africa, with a personal interest in heritage and how we choose to self-identify.
I write and run a series of workshops and courses applying mindfulness practices in a corporate environment and work one-on-one with coaching clients. I run certified courses and one on ones in certified Workplace Motivators, EQ and DISC profiles which help team and individuals engage with others and themselves in mindful ways. I enjoy working with clients to develop their own way of connecting with customers, understanding the people that they work with, and inspiring themselves, and others, to reach their goals.
Doing this is simplest with a mindful approach to articulating and connecting first to your own true purpose.    Cindy's Bio

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