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LifeWorks Training Courses

Courses offered for individuals, couples and small groups

1. Access your Inner Wisdom

2. Anger Management

3. Be Authentic

4. Codependency

5. Communication Styles

6. Conflict and Power

7. Compassionate Communication

8. Conflict Management in the Workplace

9. De Stress Retreat

10. Destructive Habits and Addictions/p>

11. Emotional Self Empowerment

12. Grief and Loss

13. Identify your True Skills

14. Imagination for Positive Thinking

15. Journaling Tools and Techniques

17. Making Healthy Choices and Minimising Risk

18. Mindfulness Practice - Part 2 Meditation Mindfulness for children

19. Self Awareness

20. Self Doubt and Negative Thinking

21. Self Empowerment

22. Self Esteem

23. Stress and Anxiety

24. Stress Management

25. Self Worth

26. Weekend Personal Development Retreat

27. Year Long Journey of Self Development

About LifeWorks Courses

  • Our courses are all outcomes based and tailored to meet the needs of the individuals attending.
  • Each course may be taken privately by an individual, by small groups such as couples, or attended as part of a group session.
  • The initial session for those booking onto a private one on one course is an assessment session.
  • Courses taken by individuals and couples can be booked according to the needs and schedule of the participant and consultant, such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Courses for groups will have set dates.
  • Numbers on each group course are kept to a limited number. It is essential to register for a course before attending.

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