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Managing Exam Stress

Course Description

Managing exam stress

This course helps students recognise stress and learn how to minimise its adverse effects.

The sessions will teach practical and transferable skills to enable students to reduce stress from exams using practical strategies and mindfulness skills.

The course offers practical techniques to take charge, eliminate distractions, and beat exam stress, such as identifying the sources, signs, and effects of stress, adopting a healthy lifestyle, learning mindfulness skills, and learning ways to work through negative thoughts.

All of the material is provided in a fun and interactive way, inviting participants to take an active part in the workshop by contributing their ideas, analyzing problems and figuring out solutions in group work, and setting parts of the agenda based on their interests.

Target Audience: Students aged 16 years and above

Course Outcomes:

  • Recognise the signs of stress and the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress
  • Develop a tool kit of practical strategies and improved thinking to effectively manage stressful situation
  • Techniques for body and mind self care during exam time.

  • Private individual sessions can be booked, ph LifeWorks for session times.

    Dr Mona Moussa

    Trainer: Dr. Mona Moussa

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