Managing Exam Stress

Managing Exam Stress in Dubai

By Dr Mona Moussa PhD - LifeWorks Trainer

Managing exam stress

You Can Beat Exam Stress !

Do you feel stressed out during exams?

Do you tend to procrastinate during exams, then wish you could have super powers to cram everything in one night while over-consuming caffeinated drinks?

Or do you rather lock yourself up weeks ahead of the exam, cutting yourself off from everyone, giving yourself a hard time, and worrying that you "will never be able to make it?"

Do you experience:

  • anger and irritability
  • anxiety and self-doubt
  • interference with sleep and eating patterns
  • stomach aches, backaches and headaches?

  • Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to feel better and beat exam stress!

    You can:

  • identify the sources, signs, and effects of stress on your abilities
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and exercise
  • learn to take charge of your stress by breaking your assignments and exam mate-rial into manageable, smaller chunks spread out across your calendar
  • learn about Mindfulness practices in order to increase your ability to focus.

  • If you would like to know more about how to beat exam stress, then why not enrol in LifeWorks' KHDA approved course, Managing Exam Stress? You can come for one on one sessions, with your study group, or you could enrol in one of our courses run at LifeWorks. Alternatively, we could also deliver the workshop on your campus.

    By enrolling in this course, you will learn techniques on how to:

  • work through negative thoughts especially before, and during exams
  • manage your time effectively
  • recognize signs of stress and beat test anxiety
  • learn to self-care and be kind to yourself
  • learn about Mindfulness practices

  • We know that you have been studying hard all day and promise to provide you with an interactive, fun workshop where you will learn new skills while having fun!

    About the Author

    Dr Mona Moussa, PhD

    Personal Development Trainer at LifeWorks

    Mona has a PhD, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Mona speaks Arabic and has counselled in Lebanon, Australia, and Qatar. Her cross-cultural experience and deep knowledge of the Middle-Eastern culture allows her to provide a comprehensive approach to dealing with difficulties and challenges. Mona is passionate about reaching out to others to help them grow and reach their fullest potential.

    Mona's work at LifeWorks involves helping women find back their sense of meaning and purpose in life, focus on the present moment, appreciate the small and simple moments in the hectic pace of Dubai life, focus on the connection and the quality of relationships, reconnect with one's self, and achieve inner calm.

    This can be done through group training workshops, or individually tailored workshops on a one-on-one basis.

    Mona Moussa LifeWorks Dubai staff

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