Mindfulness and Stress

Mindfulness and Stress

Mindfulness and Stress
Mindfulness and Stress -

Did you know that a great deal of our stressful feelings are created by our thoughts?

And that the vast majority our stress filled thoughts are about what we fear, what makes us anxious and what to worry about?

In my experience of working with individuals and couples over many years, we do appear to be very frightened of actually experiencing our uncomfortable, difficult or unpleasant emotions. Many of us set up elaborate systems of denial, avoidance and escape so we simply do not need to encounter these so called 'negative' feelings.

And yet this is what creates the largest amount of fear for us all. Running away from our fears - fleeing, denying, depressing, deflecting, repressing and projecting them away from ourselves. Our stress is created largely by how we think things are going to be rather than experiencing what is actually happening.

Sometimes events in our lives are suddenly so shocking that we are propelled into action with no time to think about it at all. When this occurs, often we can look back and can see an incredible amount of courage, fortitude, focus, wisdom and rightness that came directly from us with no thought of fear or anxiety. We learn that we can trust ourselves to do our best when we are taken by surprise.

At times, however, the opposite happens as well and we find, in hindsight, that we ran away, or simply froze in response to an extremely difficult situation.

Mindfulness and Stress

Often, long after events have taken place we are still chewing them over and over in our minds, wondering what would have happened if?, worrying about the decisions we made, the words we said, what we left unsaid, what we should have said or done and this creates inside us an enormous climate of worry, anxiety, fear and unease.

When the focus of our thoughts is concentrated on fear, we are simply writing and engaging in programming a belief into ourselves, much the same way as you programme a computer.

It is possible to change the climate within us from fear based thinking so that we can learn to trust our own emotional responses to unusual, difficult and even frightening situations as they occur.

Mindfulness practices help us to notice what our thoughts are doing - we learn to ask ourselves, "What is my mind doing?" rather than lurch into our fears and anxieties.

Our responses to stress change as our thinking about stressful events changes. This is why learning Mindfulness skills can enable us to experience our life differently, to free us from the impulse of emotional reaction to response instead.

Why not come and find out for yourself?

Helen Williams
Helen has been a teacher of meditation and mindfulness for many years and brings to the teaching her own experiences, practices and awareness.

Her support is available, ongoing and continuous and includes one on one consulting, updates, refreshers and retreat days.

Helen Williams - Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

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