Dr Mona Moussa LifeWorks

Dr Mona Moussa LifeWorks

Dr Mona Moussa - Personal Development Trainer for LifeWorks Dubai

Dr Mona Moussa is currently on long term maternity leave

Mona Moussa LifeWorks Staff Dubai

Hello, I'm Mona and I'm a Lifeworks Personal Development Trainer.

I am a psychologist and and a children's books author.

I have delivered numerous presentations and workshops and published two scholarly and several newspaper articles in psychology and was awarded the Emerging Scholar Award by the International Congress of Applied Psychology in 2010.

I have also published a children's book app which has been downloaded over 10,000 times in 1 month as well as a children's book on the topic of grieving and death which was selected to feature on the Anna Lindh Foundation Honor List in 2009.

I am dedicated to helping others reach their fullest potential and this dedication has earned me the highest student rating amongst other faculty members at university during the end-of-semester student evaluation in 2012.

I have a PhD and a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Swinburne University in Australia, and a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Melbourne in Australia, along with a Bachelor degree in psychology with high distinction from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. I have over 5 years teaching experience at top Academic institutions and have taught Psychology to hundreds of students of multiple nationalities, at 4 different universities, in Australia and the UAE.

I speak Arabic and have also counselled in Lebanon, Australia, and Qatar. My cross-cultural experience and deep knowledge of the Middle-Eastern culture allows me to provide a comprehensive approach to dealing with difficulties and challenges. I have delivered numerous presentations, talks, and workshops and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and reaching out to others to help them grow and reach their fullest potential.

I believe that we all hold the key to our own well-being and happiness, but that we sometimes momentarily lose our way in our life journey. This tends to happen when many stressful events occur, get compounded by additional stressors and tax our ability to effectively cope on a day-to-day basis.

Within the safety of an all accepting, non-judgmental, safe space, I help people with a range of concerns such as relocation and expat challenges, parenting challenges (including the challenges faced as a new parent such as sleep routines, feeding routines, and discipline issues), teenager-related issues such as negative thinking and exam stress, phobias, anxiety, trauma, and grief.

This can be done through group training workshops, or individually tailored workshops on a one-on-one basis.

On a personal note, I am a mother of two daughters of primary age, Chloe, and Laura, and am married to Girard Moussa, who is Lebanese. Since I have become a parent, I have developed a deeper appreciation of the importance of continuously growing and learning as a parent as we strive to raise happy and well grounded children.

I look forward to meeting you at LifeWorks.

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