Multicultural Relationship Counselling

Multicultural Relationship Counselling

In every culture- our behaviour, beliefs and attitudes about relationships are shaped by our personal experience of our family, culture and religion.

In most cultures, the couple relationship provides individuals with social and emotional companionship and support, as well as, physical, sexual and social intimacy.

In the western world, where love marriages prevail, marriages and the couple relationship are about the love and bond between a husband and wife.

multicultural relationship counselling

In other parts of the world, especially Asian cultures like Indian, Pakistani and the Gulf countries, where the custom of arranged marriage are more dominant, marriage is not just about the couple, but rather also about family- where marriage is not simply a bond between two people, but between two families.

This does not mean the couple bond doesn't exist in these relationships. At the end of the day, a marriage or a couple is about the attachment between the two individuals in the relationship. However, the two individuals in the room can sometimes literally or figuratively bring others into the room- maybe as part of past relationship 'baggage' or maybe with ongoing issues in the family context.

Marriage and couple counselling can help!

How can Couples counselling help?

Couple counselling can help the individuals in the relationship find a 'voice' and express their needs in an effective manner. It can help couples communicate better; by helping both partners communicate clearly and even help them with really listening to and understanding what the other individual in the relationship is trying to express.
This is especially urgent when there are social, family or cultural differences- as the language used by the couples may have more differences than previously understood- clear and effective communication is the key!

Couples counselling can help in finding ways to resolve conflict in the relationship in a healthy manner, so you can resolve issues rather than engaging in circular arguments. It can assist a couple or a family in identifying and breaking negative cycles of conflict, avoidance and aggression.

Relationship counselling can also help in instances where the issue is perceived to be outside of the couple, by improving the relationship and support provided in the couple relationship. Couples counselling can help the two individuals in the relationship, strengthen their relationship and help them in understanding and supporting each other better.

What is the role of a Couple counsellor?

A couple counsellor can help by acting as a mediator or a translator to improve communication, which is much needed during stressful or conflicted times!

As a couple counsellor, I attempt to soothe and facilitate by providing the couple with a safe and supportive environment where both partners are given a chance to identify and communicate issues, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are bothering them and causing conflict in the relationship.

I offer counseling in English, Hindi, Urdu and Sindhi.

Dr. Lavina Ahuja is available for appointments and for any questions about relationship issues, especially multicultural relationship issues.

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