Self Doubt LifeWorks Dubai

Self Doubt LifeWorks Dubai

By Dr Lavina Ahuja   LifeWorks Personal Development Consultant

What is Self Doubt?

The impact of negative thinking

Self doubt lifeworks Dubai

We all have negative thoughts. Every day we have countless thoughts that go on as part of our almost endless self-talk; some of those thoughts are negative, some positive or neutral.

Our negative thoughts are not always problematic, but they become so when our negative self-talk is about ourselves or when we are overwhelmingly negative in our perspective. Our self-doubt develops through continual negative self-talk and negative self-evaluation. Over a period of time that negative self-talk can become self-doubt and bring out self-esteem and self-worth issues, or even turn into self-loathing.

Issues like Depression and Anxiety often have significant negative thinking and self-doubt underlying them. When we doubt our abilities to deal with stressful situations it often develops in to anxiety! When our perspective is significantly negative, it often indicates a gloomy outlook, which can have a demotivating and depressing impact.

How to overcome self-doubt & negative thinking

An important step in tackling self-doubt is to become aware where it is coming from. Is it coming from our own negative self-talk, or from our relationships, present and past? A trained professional can help you learn and understand where your self-doubt is coming from and how to overcome it!

Self-doubt often has negative thinking as its root, regardless of where or how it started. I can help you become aware of your cognitive biases and your negative evaluation of yourself. I use tools of cognitive restructuring and I teach you skills of self-compassion and mindfulness, to help you learn to challenge your negative self-talk!

I offer consultations in English, Hindi, Urdu and Sindhi.

Dr Lavina Ahuja

LifeWorks Personal Development Consultant

Dr Lavina Ahuja Lifeworks Dubai

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