Self Worth

Self Worth - Understanding the steps to develop healthy self worth

Course Description

Self Worth Course

When you have healthy self worth you value and respect who you are, express yourself confidently and know the value of self care practices.

This course will focus on understanding and learning how to apply the skills of self worth, self compassion and self care. The aim is to encourage individuals to consider questions about their own notions of worth and to learn the practise of self compassion and kindness while integrating these new skills into their daily lives.

The course will encourage both men and women to consider questions about their own notions of self worth and learn how to develop these in themselves in a positive and respectful manner. This course enables people to consider the ways people traditionally view themselves through the eyes of others and helps them re-evaluate their sense of who they are independently of how others might see them.

Participants will explore the benefits of assertiveness, self acceptance and ultimately learn how to become more connected with their authentic self.

Target Audience: Women and Men

Course outcomes:

  • Understand the terms compassion, kindness and worthiness and their individual meaning
  • Gain new skills in applying these terms
  • Integrate the concepts of self compassionate living
  • Increased confidence
  • Trainer: Susie Carr LifeWorks Team Trainer

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  • Challenges for 21st Century Man

  • Self Worth for Men

  • Self Worth for Women

  • Self Esteem v Self Worth

  • Comments from Self Worth Course Evaluation Forms

  • This course was great and very helpful. Questions could be honestly asked and good answers were given. Susie Carr got the material across in an understandable and 'real life' manner.

  • The outcome of the course for me was a very productive understanding about setting boundaries and assertiveness It was very helpful to know that I am not alone in my thinking

  • Meeting others with similar issues and anxieties and to be able to have discussions about others thoughts and feelings was a major benefit

  • I'm glad I came! It was a worth while day - would definitely recommend it!

  • I feel I achieved a lot of understanding of self worth and self esteem. I also found it useful to meet people going through similar experiences

  • You will learn more than you realise there is to learn

  • Susie Carr Lifeworks Trainer

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